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"Stream1 Wireless has built a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking, reliable, and flexible Event Internet providers Since 2010. "

Using our network, multi-gigabit internet connectivity and Wi-Fi services can be supplied to short term indoor and outdoor events across india and throughout our wider network coverage area. .

Some words about us

Our bespoke intelligent and rent wifi networks provide our clients with much more than just an internet connection, combined with our event technology it brings guests and event organisers together, providing better event experience with WiFi.

Some of our team have over 15 years IT and Networking experience, you’re in safe hands when it comes to knowledge, wireless security and WiFi services.

When you need temporary Internet access for special events, meetings, conferences and short-term projects, get connected with our fibre & wireless Event Service. From hotels and convention centers, to concerts and outdoor events, we provide fast installation and reliable high-speed temporary Internet access for hours, weeks or even months.

  • Innovation is at the core of what we do

    Offering customers an end-to-end service, Stream1 Wireless supports event organisers and venue managers as they deal with the challenges of connectivity, security, communications and monitoring across large and complex sites. Stream1 Wireless works with customers as a technology partner to identify the best solution for their requirements and is not tied to one equipment vendor, preferring to be supplier agnostic to ensure the most appropriate equipment and solutions from a range of manufacturers is considered.

  • Planning and Design

    The starting point for any event: Conversation, Consultation and Coordination. The attention we devote to your event from our first conversation drives the success of the entire project. Our temporary networking expertise helps the Stream1 Wireless Team make smart, data-driven decisions to deliver a stable, cost effective, and reliable network for every transaction, engagement, and event.

What Clients say

We are proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients,
sharing our knowledge to deliver exceptional results with lasting impact.